Algarve Birdman

In 2006 I decided it was time for me to have my own website and with little knowledge of how to go about it, I jumped straight in at the deep end with a local service run by David, who I had the pleasure of meeting socially a few times. From the outset it was obvious that choosing a local website building service wasn’t just the right choice but I was actually privileged to have such an excellent service available in the region where I am based. Within days my new website was up and running and during the last years has run perfectly. The platform to make alterations or updates from my computer at home is so quick and easy to use it’s a pleasure. Dynafish really are a cut above as regards expertise – and their rates are very attractive.

Using any number of search words my website consistently comes up on the first page of Google and other search engines, usually at the top or first two or three! Dynafish websites open at lightning speed, even if heavily loaded with photographs, and faster than internationally popular websites.

As a client, my experience with Dynafish is seamless, with no need for technical knowledge or ongoing interaction, and they always have time to talk, meet and provide any support rapidly.

Simon Wates

Owner, Algarve Birdman