Just like London buses

by | Feb 2, 2016


How shiny are they? The dear old Routemaster… the new ones never quite cut it for me to be honest…

It’s been a busy start to the New Year. Just like London buses, we’ve site after site arriving, pretty much at the same time. From flowers to films and rentals to rubbish, we’ve had a whole variety of fascinating and very different subjects to work with.

First, a brand new property management and villa rentals site for Vilalgarve. In English and Portuguese, this site is powered by our property systems –  dynProp (for real estate and rentals) and dynRes, the integrated reservations management module. You can see the site at http://www.vilalgarve.net/.

Hot on its heels comes the new site for KG Villas. Once again running on dynProp, this site handles both real estate and rentals, in English, Portuguese and German, and can be found at http://www.kgvillas-algarve.com/.

WasteAid International is a network of independent charities, set up by waste management professionals to deliver practical and low-cost waste services for disadvantaged communities. You can see their site at http://wasteaid.org/.

WasteAid UK is a new charity created to make an impact on the global waste emergency. They partner with local organisations to improve the health, environment and livelihoods of people without waste services. They are currently working with partners in The Gambia and Senegal, training people in recycling technologies so they can improve their livelihoods, health and local economy. Check them out at http://wasteaid.org.uk/.

Based in Almancil and Praia de Luz in the Algarve, Projection Dreams are “…an ensemble of experts able to exceed the most accurate Cinema or Audio Visual Experience you have ever seen or heard”. We’ve just revamped their site at http://projectiondreams.com/.

Finally, we’ve just finished an update for one of our longest-standing clients, Raimunda Jensen of Ambient Flores. Raimunda is based at the Sheraton Hotel in Albufeira, and produces stunning floral arrangements for weddings and banquets. You can see the pick of the bunch at http://ambient-flores.net/.

A big thanks must go to everybody in the Dynafish team, who have all worked really hard to make this our most productive month ever.

And after such a busy time, a well-deserved holiday is now in prospect….